Differences between professional and amateur acting

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Let us explore the difference between Amateur and Professional theatre, to see if there is a difference. A professional is someone who gains remuneration for their labours. Eg they get paid.

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Making a perfect first impression is a vital step towards getting more jobs as a professional. Having the correct headshots can make a huge difference in your career. A great headshot helps you portray the image that you want to share with the industry.

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We have a thriving theatre culture in the UK, both on professional stages and with more than 2, amateur dramatic companies, which stage more than 30, productions a year. Andrzej Lukowski: Amdram brings new work to an appreciative wider audience. It has become accepted practice.

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Amateur theatrealso known as amateur dramaticsis theatre performed by amateur actors and singers. Amateur theatre groups may stage plays, revues, musicals, light opera, pantomime or variety shows, and do so for the social activity as well as the artistic side. Productions may take place in venues ranging from the open air, community centres or schools to independent or major professional theatres and can be simple light entertainment or demanding drama. Amateur theatre is distinct from the professional or community theatre simply in that participants are not paid, although this is not always the case, even though the productions staged may be commercial ventures, either to fund further productions, to benefit the community, or for charity.

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Why is it that some people seem to be hugely successful and do so much, while the vast majority of us struggle to tread water? There are a host of other differences, but they can effectively be boiled down to two things: fear and reality. Amateurs believe that the world should work the way they want it to.

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Maybe you conquer your kids' school bake sale and are pondering selling your cookies professionally. Maybe you've been blogging for awhile and are wondering if this sideline might turn into a real source of income. Maybe you do some freelance coaching and are considering going full-time.

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I've started to notice partially because of my own failuresthat there is one skill that is so valuable that it will make you a standout in any area of life, no matter what kind of competition you face. Last summer, I was speaking with Todd Henry. Todd is a successful author and does a great job of putting out valuable work on a consistent basis.

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Inthe academic Edwin R Schoell wrote : "There is, particularly in professional quarters, a deep-rooted suspicion that amateur theatre is really an institution that exists in order to give significance to 'amateur dramatics', a frivolous kind of amusement with no pretention to art. Attitudes seem to have changed. Last month Sky Arts announced its latest theatrical sensation — a reality documentary series entitled Stagestruckin which cameras follow eight amateur companies competing for the chance to perform on a West End stage.

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My shock at this forced me to confront the question of whether I am a theatre snob, or if this is a step too far, even for an amateur production. However, thinking back on my experiences, at least with performing, I have been in relatively professional atmospheres for amateur theatre. I went a school with a reputation for high standards of theatre and music, and super keen drama and music teachers who took the productions they put on very seriously.

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By Ande Jacobson. My short answer then and now remains no, but I started thinking about what defines a professional production. Perhaps my refusal to treat them differently should have been a clue that there is a fuzzy line separating professional from amateur theatre in many circles. For instance, in theatre-rich areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area, one can find high quality productions without regard to whether the company is professional or not.


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