Facial pilling

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All it takes is the wrong combination of ingredients to make your skin go haywire! That includes the products that are supposed to be good for your skin! You know what they say: too much of a good thing….

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Maybe you've noticed it right away after applying certain makeup or skincare on top of one another. Or it could be hours later, when you touch your face and it feels like it's covered in tiny flakes or globs of product. Either way, it's SO annoying.

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Ever finished your skin care routine, start applying your foundation, and then become shocked and mad when you see that your foundation has turned into little balls on top of your skin? Welcome to the world of pilling! When makeup pilling happens, it feels like you have to wash your face and start again from scratch.

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Have you ever found yourself applying your makeuponly to have it start rolling off or pilling like the fibers of an old sweater on your face? Admittedly, that seems like quite a lot to consider for something many people do on a daily basis. So to help you break down all the factors that might make your makeup pill, we spoke to Deslauriers and fellow makeup artist Mai Quynh. As Deslauriers explained, there are four main bases in makeup products: silicone, water, oil and wax.

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Image: Pinterest. This anomaly is way more common than you think. Pilling is merely makeup jargon for when your skincare clumps up into small little spheres on your skin.

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You can buy the best-smelling serums, glow-inducing creams, and smoothest foundations. But if you layer one on top of the next and they get all pilled and bumpy? You might as well not be wearing anything at all.

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New: Flawless Moisturiser Light. This has to be one of the most annoying skincare pitfalls - it occurs when the application of one product over the top of another leads to the product literally balling up and failing to adhere properly to the skin. And who has time for that?

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Do you ever find that your foundation balls up on your skin after you apply your favorite sunscreen or face cream?

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When it comes to delving into unpleasant and downright weird beauty topics, we've covered everything from drying out pimples to the benefits of smearing snail mucus on one's face. There's one strange phenomenon in the world of skincare and beauty that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, however, and that is product pilling. You might not have heard the name for this phenomenon before, but if you use skin care products or wear makeup at all then you've probably experienced it at least once.

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Have you ever applied your serum, moisturizer and foundation, only to notice that the product starts to flake or roll up into small clumps on your face? Pilling is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when applying your skincare and makeupdue to the fact it takes extra time to blend, correct, and can waste more of your expensive beauty products. While we tend to go lighter with treatment and foundation in the summer, when the weather gets cooler and our skin starts to become more dry, pilling can be more common due to the use of thicker moisturizers, yet can unfortunately get on your clothes.


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