Massachusetts general laws sexual assault

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March 12, By: Jason K. Matthews, Research Fellow.

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Hate crimes occur when a person is targeted because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation. Hate crimes differ from conventional crimes because they are not directed simply at an individual, but are meant to cause fear and intimidation in an entire group or class of people. The BCPD is committed to protecting the civil rights of all individuals and will investigate all reports of hate crimes.

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Murphy Home. Criminal Defense. Sex Crimes.

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Each case is unique in the impact that it has on the lives of the people involved. This is particularly true in cases of sexual abuse. On behalf of our clients, we have obtained multi-million dollar awards and settlements and forced countless institutions to improve maintenance, security procedures, and security equipment.

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By Diana FitzpatrickJ. Below is a summary of the statute of limitation periods for criminal cases in the state of Massachusetts. Statutes of limitations set forth the time period within which the state must commence a case against someone for a crime.

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The following are excerpts compiled from the Massachusetts General Laws that describe how certain relevant behavior is defined in Massachusetts. Sexual assault is defined under Massachusetts law as rape or indecent assault and battery. An indecent act is one that is fundamentally offensive to contemporary standards of decency.

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Are you being victimized by the sexual misconduct of a supervisor or coworker at work in Massachusetts? Massachusetts law is designed to immediately stop this behavior and, in many instances, to compensate you for the harm that you have incurred. Not only does Massachusetts law allow you to recover damages when you have been victimized by sexual harassment, it also protects you from retaliation when you have resisted sexual harassment in the workplace. You have a right to be free from unwanted sexual conduct in the workplace.

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Indecent assault and battery on a person aged fourteen or older is a criminal offense under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter Section 13H. An indecent assault and battery is an intentional and unjustified touching of a private area, including, but not limited to, the breast, abdomen, thigh, buttocks, genital or pubic areas of a female or the buttocks, genital or pubic areas of a male. This crime is a general intent crime as opposed to a specific crime in Massachusetts.

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The University encourages anyone who experiences or learns about an incident of sexual misconduct to file a report immediately so the University can respond accordingly. You can file a report by going to the Reporting Sexual Misconduct Form. Experiencing a sexual assault, sexual violence or another type of Sexual Misconduct can be confusing and frightening. Individuals who experience a sexual assault are encouraged to read through these guidelines about options for what to do after experiencing a sexual assault.


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