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In fact, during the Summer Olympics, several athletes made headlines by admitting that this frequently happens. While this may seem merely unappealing, a recent study suggested that urine can actually combine with the chlorine disinfectant in swimming pool water to make potentially harmful chemicals. The study found that a chemical in urine and sweat, called uric acid, undergoes a chemical reaction with chlorine to produce two substances— cyanogen chloride and trichloramine.

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A Florida woman was arrested Monday and accused of contaminating the ice cream of a neighboring business with her spit, urine, and snot. Jung Soon Wypcha, a year-old St. Petersburg resident and owner of the Indian Shores Food Mart, was allegedly caught on camera tampering with the products sold by the Lu Lu's Ice Cream store next door over several days in late June.

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Several different conditions and diseases can cause hematuria. These include infections, kidney disease, cancer, and rare blood disorders. Any blood in the urine can be a sign of a serious health problem, even if it happens only once.

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About one in five American adults admitted in a survey to having peed in the pool. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps even confessed back in that peeing in the pool is an acceptable thing to do. When we're in the pool for two hours, we don't really get out to pee. We just go whenever we are on the wall.

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When blood gets into a person's urine peedoctors call it hematuria hee-ma-TUR-ee-uh. Hematuria is pretty common, and most of the time it's not serious. Peeing is one way our bodies get rid of waste products.

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We all know what urine aka peepee is. But, really, how well do you know your number 1? Not well enough, I can assure you.

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Back to Health A to Z. Blood in urine pee isn't usually caused by anything serious but you must get it checked out by a GP. Blood in urine must be checked out because it can be a sign of cancer.

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Everyone's been losing their shit about a recent study from the University of Alberta, which reported that up to 75 litres of urine were present in a standard public swimming pool in a Canadian city—about the equivalent volume of "20 large milk jugs," as The National Post memorably reported. That's a lot of pee. But how bad is it, really? The first thing graduate student Lindsay Blackstock, lead author of the paper, told me when I called her was: "It's really not bad at all.

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Glamour polled nearly 1, women on everything from sitting on public toilets to re-wearing dirty clothes, then sent the results to Billy Goldberg, M. As men, we know a little something about being gross. Do you need to clean up your act?

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Moises Alou says he urinates on his hands to alleviate calluses. So does Jorge Posada. After the game, it's OK.


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