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Instead, the magical clone faded away just as the real Jaina broke her invisibility spell by casting yet another pyroblast at the orc. Jaina's head lolled forward, the sorceress in too much pain to retort. Recovering as quickly as she could, Jaina crossed her legs to hide her now sore pussy. Jaina was regaining her wits again, and blushed furiously as her hated foe toyed with her body in front of his men. But before he came himself, he knew he had to get the woman to cum first. Under his deft ministrations, it only took a few seconds more before the archmage's hard clitoris was standing tall and proud for everyone to see. The Warchief surveyed what the archmage had done, then laughed uproariously.

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Harmony. Age: 20.
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You should feel honored the orcs of the True Horde find you attractive.

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Magnolia. Age: 27.
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More cheers, more applause. Taking it up yet another notch, the skilled elf took to focusing on her clitoris, gingerly coaxing it from its hood. To bring her back to the present, Garrosh took a now very hard nipple in each hand, and twisted them, slowly but firmly. Before long, Garrosh couldn't help but notice the human's body was responding a little.

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