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She and her husband have been married for 12 years and have a 3-year-old son. Husband's alarm goes off. He hits the snooze button and rolls toward me, arm draping over my pregnant belly.

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This time, I am starting another stories series. I have other stories series chapters that I am currently working on, but I had to write this one down as soon as this idea popped into my head. I hope that you guys will enjoy.

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Live from Austin, Texas, South by Southwest ! Once a year, the music industry gathers from the far corners of the universe to convene in the Live Music Capital of the Universe, sunny Austin, Texas. This event, known as South by Southwest or SXSW for short, is part festival, part showcase, part seminar and many parts ridiculous.

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A t school we learned about oxbow lakesthe water bodies left when rivers changed their course. Britain has its oxbow roads too, the broken strings of highways bypassed by history, some so reduced that they are mere paths alongside a hedgerow. Here the ancient forerunner of the Great North Road runs in rural parallel with the A1 half a mile west before coming to an abrupt end at a pony paddock. A Roman garrison was sited at the town end of Stratford Road — the forded street — and archaeologists and diggers have unearthed finds that span the breadth of recorded history along its length: iron-age pottery, Roman walls, coins and skeletons, the footings of a Saxon building.

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How does anyone have the time and energy to put on makeup every morning and look presentable? I just throw on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, brush my teeth and call it a day. Whatever floats her boat.

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April 20, Published by Dawn on April 20, Ultimately, you will do anything at all to please Mom.

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A friend of ours took care of the logistics and swore this was going to be an amazing experience. That wound up being a really fun spring break. One time I stayed at school an extra daythough, so that was crazy.

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It was only a matter of time before Adam sent Hannah a picture of his disgusting junk, but some people really need to learn sexting etiquette. Upon receiving the grossest text message of her life, Hannah responds in the only way that seems apropos: "Oh my god. Oh my god!

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She loves going to church, reading the Bible and believes her personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what saved her from human trafficking and domestic violence. Her hobbies include writing, volunteering, and working with at-risk youths. Katariina hopes to host an NSU symposium about human trafficking in the fall and has a web site, www.


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