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But she still makes a point to prove herself, no matter what it takes — and makes an unlikely friend along the way. Most reviewers felt as if the movie was fresh and current, especially since it subtly tackled real-life issues such as racism, profiling, and stereotypes. As for Elba, he was just happy to be in a Disney movie. She tries to prove herself by volunteering for a missing persons case, later realizing that plenty of predators have gone missing. Hunt has done everything, from acting to producing.

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Disney tackled a similar theme for their hit movie Zootopia and ended up covering a lot of ground that prior Disney movies may have blatantly ignored.

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Zootopia (2016)

Goodwin was just happy to be on board with Disney. With his help, she tries to track down a bunch of missing predators, her job being on the line if she fails. There are a lot of funny puns and names in the film, but the role of newscaster Peter Moosebridge is both modeled after, and voiced by, a real news anchor named Peter Mansbridge. He even somewhat resembles the character, which Bateman said, during a press conference, may not have been intentional.

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