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I said growling at him, getting to my own feet and feeling stiff after what must have been at least three hours. His body wanted him to take breaks, but his mind was determined to get his ass in a chair and he relied on momentum to keep him going once he stared. Pretending to stretch he leaned back trapping the wet patch of my gym shorts between his beach ball sized ass cheeks. It was covered in remnants of last nights fun. I liked to watch people react, it was a family place. He hugged his own body and smiled in ecstasy, mediating on his own huge size, how he never felt sexier and one of his ultimate dreams finally being reality. Ben ate at the slowest pace I had ever seen him.

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Jemma. Age: 20.
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I grabbed a thin white T-shirt from the top of the pile and pulled the almost empty cup Ben was digging around for the last drips of cream in from his grasp.

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Lacey. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I pulled my hands slowly from under his gut and walked across the room, leaving him to admire himself a few moments more. Ben had a way still to go, he was determined to gain and loved every lb of blubber we added to his growing fat body more than the last. Ben worked at pace through the first three platters, mixing up the food to his taste, experimenting with the salty and greasy flavours.

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