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When Mana learned that Kisara wasn't going, she asked about the master, and Kisara shouted at her, but she immediately comforted Mana when she started crying. Mana later played twenty questions with Isis. On the way home, Atem took out his cloak and draped it around Mana. Following that, she discovered that the man was Atem, and she rejoiced in having her best friend back. On Melody's twelfth birthday, Mana searched all over for her as she disappeared, and she asked everyone where she was and learned that her nephew, Mahad and Isis' son Manar, was gone as well. When Anru asks how her birth parents handled her, Mana said her birth parents were a lot like her.

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Mana had been turned back into a human only a few hours previously, and was held up by her husband and taken into the sea with him for the celebration of the reuniting of their family.

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A few months later, Mana and Atem got married. When Atem fell off the ship during a bad storm, Mana grabbed him and took him to the shore. She took a liking to him and blushed when she heard that his idea of a perfect girl perfectly fitted who she was. She's taught by her mother Anru and her big brother Mahad.

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