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His life, and all our lives, depends on it. Of course, a pyramid scheme is nothing without random bullshit that people who buy into it can try to sell to people, so Simmons needed some trademarked stuff to go along with that pyramid scheme. Any real music expert knows that the most important part of music isn't actually music; it's branding. To wit: Recently, Simmons tweeted an image of the Pope throwing down the devil horns alongside a picture of the Dalai Lama and Simmons himself also throwing up the devil horns. This is empirical, numerical proof that Gene Simmons's seemingly frivolous trademark applications are legit and part of a greater plan that most unenlightened sheeple cannot even begin to comprehend.

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Now that I have shown that the United States Patent and Trademark Office is literally killing Gene Simmons, I expect his attempt to trademark the devil horns gesture will be revived and accepted post-haste.

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Of these three holy men, only two——the Dalai Lama and the Dalai Simmons——are using it correctly. A few weeks ago, Gene Simmons noisily made headlines for attempting to file a trademark for the "devil horns" gesture, a. Here's where Gene Simmons's attempt to trademark the devil horns comes in.

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