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In general the word divider marks an accentual unit, i. For the Mycenaeans, there was a whole process of cultural Minoanization, which would eventually lead to the adoption of the script for administrative purposes. Below, the new ne livestock at Amnisos poss. D The unique instance of the Cretan place-name u-qa-mo Mc New syllabograms in the Linear B basic syllabary; the o-vowel signs are in boldface As shown in the Fig. Moreover, two further names are attested at Mycenae: qa-ra-we-ta MY V

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For the Mycenaean users, these non-iconic and non phonetic logograms were merely conventional.

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The additional Linear B syllabary: labialized and yodized groups. We shall review below the different instances of written or omitted glides below: a A difficult problem concerns the adjective of material in Mycenaean where the forms alternate between Ce-o-, Ce-jo and Ci-jo- and are differently interpreted by different authors see e. In some instances other renderings are as plausible as the ones that we have chosen. B Hand ; Np 2 Hand

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