Dinosaur king ursula

dinosaur king ursula
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He is the alpha gang's fastest and most agile dinosaur, being able to chase and catch other fast dinosaurs such as Megaraptor, Suchomimus, Fukuisaurus, and Ace, and he can even jump extremely long or high without the use of a move card. It defeated Chomp and Paris, but was defeated when Rex had Ace combine his Cyclone attack with the nearby water. Unlike its card in the card game, Supersaurus loads the dinosaur onto its neck and flings it toward the opponent dinosaurs. Unfortunately, it went out of control. It befriends an Indian princess named Meena and it swims along with her. Unlike all the other dinosaurs the Alpha Gang kidnapped, Ceratosaurus' mind was not altered to be violent and aggressive and it never worked for the Alpha Gang since they never used it.

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He is the fastest and most agile of the D-teams main dinosaurs and has shown that he can grab a dinosaur by the tail, then throw them without use of a move card.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Like the Pachycephalosaurus, it is also attracted to the light of the sun. He has a strong rivalry with Chomp. Archived from the original on February 16,

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