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I know you couldn't resist it" Mugman smirked. Back in the bushes, Wario was snickered with anticipation as he saw Maria reach behind her back and begin to undo her seashell top, but Waluigi was slowly started to panic as he now understood what Wario was doing. Just what the hell were you thinking, doing something so revolting and perverted like that?! Isn't Maria that big mermaid staying at the pool? If he had known that Waluigi would betray him by ratting him out to the police, he would've never brought him down there. He could now see red and blue lights flashing in the distance behind him as he emerged from the other side of the apartments, and they were getting closer. Maria noticed Mugman's tears and became concerned.

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Several neighbors had taken notice to all the commotion going on outside and stepped out of their apartment houses to see what was going on.

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Mugman approached the edge of the pool and waved his hand to get Maria's attention, then stepped back to avoid falling in the water. And I can tell you right now that you won't be getting out of this so easily like like time". Mugman eventually started dating Cala Maria as he had developed a huge crush on her the moment he had first laid eyes on her, even though they had been enemies at that time. You look upset" Maria asked Mugman in concern.

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