Saigado comic

saigado comic
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This is probably the biggest issue Saigado released. Kensou shows up before Andy returns and, after some foreplay, Kensou and Mai run off and hide out in the park, where they go at it. A Tankobon collecting the first 10 chapters has been published by Futabasha on December 12th At work she is perceived as prudish and uninteresting. Extra pin-up art includes Momoko. There is a new straight shota story included called "Another Time Another Place", which describes Shinji and Misato having sex whilst Asuka and Ryoji are doing the same.

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The issue also features pin-ups of Rainbow Mika and some random guys.

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Saigado: Comics

The main story tells of Asuka going to Ryoji's house and trying to seduce him, lying on his bed. A complete list can be found at the bottom of the article. Again it features the original futanari story from the first edition, but now includes new illustrations of Ritsuko having group sex with two men, and a new story very similar to the "Maya is My Kitten" illustrations from the revised "Right Here".

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