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PS: Ich verstehe nicht, warum eine Riesin immer grausam sein muss. Unfortunately, she's a little sick, and her magic has a tendency to go haywire and shrink people! Miss Nakamura is a Japanese MILF high school science teacher who is packing up after a long day of work, and ready to make her way home. I dare you Categories: Giantess Characters: None. She can even alters his body along the way, for instance his body becomes unable to digest human food but only foot dirt and old socks. Some ideas: Maybe she was bullied in the past and the the bully finds the future her in shrunken state. The giantesses can be any species, a human, a mermaid, etc.

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Lilyanna. Age: 23.
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Maybe you are a piercing in the mouth of your tomboy sister who skipped brushing.

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Noor. Age: 26.
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Summary: I would like this challenge as where a mother grows for some bizarre reason and then takes her son on a rampage. Maybe you are stuck in the drool of a girl sleeping off a hangover. Girlfriends survival games by analtoy [ Responses - 0 ] [ Report This ].

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