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For some, the act of gaping is simply the furthest point they can possibly push an aspect of sex they enjoy. Back to Everything Butt Plugs. Jemma Martin is the Content Manager and has been working with Loveplugs since its inception. A final, but somewhat less common reason is simply to please another. Others, particularly men, enjoy gaping as a kind of power play.

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Kinley. Age: 28.
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Back to Everything Butt Plugs.

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Brielle. Age: 25.
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A Gaping Asshole: How and Why?

It can also help to make circular motions and in and out movements with the penis or object, to help open the sphincters. This is usually caused by moving onto larger objects a little too quickly, or being a little too rough with your anus. Gaping is simply another aspect of sex that some enjoy, and others will find quite strange.

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