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The game includes certain plot changes that are not shown in the show. While he did not feel the effects for many years, after he entered middle age in his 50s, the strain of this exertion increasingly weighed upon his body. Airbenders built temples atop high mountains and cliffs that could only be easily reached by Airbending and they have a hermetic ideology to reflect this isolation. Nickelodeon Magazine Winter : 6. In the second season, Aang learns Earthbending from Toph Beifong [15] after he has a vision of the blind Earthbending prodigy in a swamp telling him to find her. Aang grows upset and angry and confronts the Sandbenders, learning that Appa has been sold. At the start of the series, Aang is initially only proficient in air, having been able to bend them with ease since he was a young child.

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However, their flying bison, Appa , is captured by Sandbenders.

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After a series of misadventures, Aang meets his previous incarnation, Roku, who informs him that he must master all four bending arts and end the war before the coming of Sozin's Comet at the end of summer. The robotic Momo became a flying lemur , and the herd of bison was reduced to one. Archived from the original on 22 February Aang's Air Acolytes also were unaware that Aang had two other children besides Tenzin.

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