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Here, one happy, loved up gentleman spills all. Masayuki Ozaki takes a bath with his silicone sex doll Mayu. Masayuki Ozaki stands with his silicone sex doll Mayu outside his apartment in Tokyo.

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In Japan, sex dolls are known as "Dutch wives", which now refers to relatively inexpensive dolls. Today, Japanese sex dolls are already popular around the world. Big eyes--Japanese beauty ideals favor small features and narrow faces.

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Orient Industry create Japan's best sex dolls, top luxury real love doll made from premium silicone for the most exclusive of experiences. What was once only sold in Japan can now be yours within days. Japan's top sex dolls are now available for worldwide shipping and delivery.

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If your order isn't right or has a significant defect, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace your doll at no cost to you. Note: only applies to unused dolls. See the Genie Guarantee for more details.

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Are you ready to spend time with an exotic oriental sex dolls Asian beauty? Our Japanese sex dolls will help you fulfill your deepest fantasies. These gorgeous dolls are beautifully crafted.

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Have you been looking for exotic sex experiences? We have collected all the Japanese style realistic sex dolls for you. These Japanese sex dolls have the characteristics of all Japanese women, showing the temperament of Japanese women in front of you through various body postures and expressions.

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If you want a fully customizable realistic japanese sex doll, we can work with you to make an exact specification that fits your needs. Buy japanese sex doll can help you reduce stress. You can use the japanese robot sex doll on the market to hug and sleep, and feel the existence of a true companion.

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Killings and dismemberments are common enough in Japan that there's a term for them: bara bara murders. Bara bara is an onomatopoeic and mimetic phrase that represents the sound of splattering rain or liquid e. But if you live in one of Japan's crowded cities and need to dispose of a corpse, you've got your work cut out for you. There are people everywhere, spots suitable for shallow graves are in short supply, and apartment walls can be thin, which makes running bandsaws risky.

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There is a huge market for the 'works of art' that the company says you can 'customise' so you get exactly the girl you want. For most men, meeting the girl of their dreams takes time but one company is offering to drop her off outside your door in just a few days. Japanese sex dolls are now so life-like that they come with authentic-looking eyes and skin that feels real to touch.

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CandyGirls are a line of realistic sex dolls manufactured by Orient Industries in Japan. The dolls have a reputation for aesthetics highly detailed, lifelike facespotentially occupying a similar market niche as that of the premium American-made RealDolls. The dolls are not sold directly to customers outside Japan, although it is possible to purchase them using intermediaries based in Japan "shopping deputies".


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