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But you know, except for the third-grader part, it was sort of like that. And it occurred to me: My problem with my boyfriend cheating on me wasn't a problem with him having sex with other people. Important Life Lesson Number Two: I learned at that orgy exactly what, for me, jealousy was, and why I had it, and what I should do about it. I just need to feel like my feelings are being taken into consideration; like I'm involved in the decisions; like my major triggers will be worked around even if they're not rational. Then I decided, "What the fuck, this is what I'm here for," hurriedly shucked my clothes and joined in. And therefore, the orgy wasn't a problem.

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Surprise, perhaps, is the best word for it.

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I had a brief moment of -- well, "shock" is too strong a word, let's call it "sudden adjustment" or "category error" -- as the reality of the situation was rather crudely borne in on me. And the moment I put my tongue on that other woman's pussy hi there, L. I'd known that I had sexual feelings about women for a long, long time.

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