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James Purefoy Vanity Fair. He says, "There were directors who were disappointed that I didn't get buck-naked I would just go, 'Why?

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Sign in. Vorenus' defense of Caesar lands him in an unexpected position of power within Rome. Meanwhile, Servilia hurls the final obstacle in her ambitious and complex revenge plan against Atia.

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Hollywood is already working overtime on this one. The producers of the Jolie film want to cast Brad Pitt as Antony. Not only is Pitt a good actor and a "babe magnet" How many woman went to the theatres to see Troy solely because pit was in it, with the added bonus of his bare behind?

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But the money has not gone on the stars' Winnebagos. The plotting, back-stabbing and double-crossing makes the Tory leadership contest look like a children's tea party. But it is not the budget that has been catching the press's attention this week.

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The producers of the Jolie film want to cast Brad Pitt as Antony. Pitt is not keen on the idea, but money my yet have the final word. Although Jackman might actually be physically closer to the historic Antony more ruggedZeta-Jones has put her film career on hold while she tends to her ill husband, so this film will likely not be made.

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Rome is a semi-historical drama series co-produced by HBO and the BBC that follows the lives of politicians, socialites, and soldiers in Ancient Rome starting During the War under Caesar and progressing through the power struggles and ascension of Augustus as the Emperor of Rome. One of its most innovative ideas was to focus on the lives of ordinary fictional Romans, rather than just historical figures like Caesar or Augustus. This had been explored before in literature and in Sit Comsbut Rome was the first television drama to do so.

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His appearances in stage plays and a variety of television roles in the UK and USA have grown since the s. The Purefoy family were landed gentryof ShalstoneBuckinghamshire ; the family name passed in the female line through Anthony Chetwynd Purefoy's mother, Mary Lilias Geraldine, daughter of Admiral Richard Purefoy who had changed his surname from Fitzgerald as his mother was the heir and niece of the politician George Purefoy-Jervoisehead of the family ; she married Rev. Brian Mews, vicar of Tewkesburywho changed his name to Purefoy.

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And not just his actor friend, even his long-term publicist likes to make mischief, telling me before I meet him that I should make sure to ask about his incestuous relationship with his mother. He laughs when I tell him this. Very good. She loves coming up with these things.

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When in Rome, James Purefoy has a rule. He is quite prepared to do as the Romans did, but only if the story demands it. In the first season of the HBO historical dramawhich starts its second season this monththis included a scene in which the actor, playing Mark Antony, was toweled down by a slave.

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I am not used to seeing James Purefoy with his clothes on. Neither, I suspect, are you. If you were one of the six million people who tuned into BBC2's Rome, you will recall, if not his name, then most definitely the rest of him. Most recently he appeared as the swashbuckling pirate Blackbeard another BBC drama, this time a two-parter.


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