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My thumbs-down was a twofold response: a sign of derision at being called a lady, and a signal of my complete understanding of the mission orders. Samus Aran : Who is Madeline Bergman? Because I was so young when I lost both of my parents, there's no question I saw Adam as a father figure. Commander Adam Malkovich was normally cool and not one to joke around, but he would end all of his mission briefings by saying, "Any objections, Lady? In bringing the infant Metroid back, I did something that I know would have gone against his convictions. Life, no matter what form it takes as it's born into this often cruel universe, should not be tampered with. And his paternal compassion in the face of my rebellion reinforced the special bond I felt with him.

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When I rebelled against him, I knew I could get away with it.

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Jessica Erin Martin: Samus Aran

I understood well that chances were slim that I would ever find anyone that understood me like Adam. I was a child, always with something to prove. The other soldiers were always willing to support me with easy smiles despite the fact that I clearly had so much yet to learn. I wondered what Adam thought of me.

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