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British Columbia gangs only operate within our province or have a certain turf B. To view or download the Facilitators Guide click on the image below The stories told are universal and can be shown to anyone in any community and still have an impact. They rent where they live and drive leased vehicles in the names of girlfriends or other family members because no bank or leasing company will do business with them. The people involved in the modules have participated so no other families, friends, or loved ones have to go through what they have gone through. The activities and questions included in this Facilitators Guide encourage students to express their perspectives and apply those perspectives to the choices they may be making or to those choices that other individuals in their lives may be making.

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You'll have plenty of friends and they won't care if you're a gangster.

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You'll have plenty of friends and they won't care if you're a gangster. Gangs thrive on being able to instill fear and control a community. Your friends and family will be too scared, embarrassed, or ashamed to spend time with you.

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