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Megan: Actually, that last one would look pretty hot. By doing this, Megan invoked Rule 35 , an additional rule based around rule Megan: She twangs the E-string and it shakes off tiny droplets in all directions. In the title text, we can assume that the presenter in a spelling bee is asking a male participant with the name "Lance" to spell " throbbing ," a term sometimes used to describe the swelling of a person's genitals. The title text is more about shocking youngsters. Views Read Edit View history. No women playing electric guitar in the shower.

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Justice. Age: 30.
rule 34 hot

Discussion Who is Lance from the title text, throbbing

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Zuri. Age: 23.
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305: Rule 34

Know this comic has been out for years, and not commented on in over a year, but first time seeing this. I actually knew someone named Lance that would have immediately registered that domain if he thought it would work at making money. Jump to: navigation , search. When I knew him he already had about a dozen domains of Celebrity Fake-Porn that he made his living off of.

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