Asian lucky date 08-08-08

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Since this is once in a lifetime, you should plan waaay in advance or else other people will reserve this date ahead of you. Here are top 10 ideas on what you should do on August 8,Friday: 1. Book your wedding now for those planning to get married inthe year of the Rat!

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The number eight is considered so lucky that weddings on Friday, Aug. Minutes after the city clerk's office in San Francisco started taking reservations, the date was booked. Suzanne Tran and her fiance, Conan Tong, chose the day for a number of reasons.

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Application of numerals in feng shui on different platform means different things, but one thing for sure, it is not about pronunciation! It does not mean that numeric 4 means death. If feng shui is to stood so low just about tone syllable then that is not authentic feng shui principles.

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The number eight has always been known to be a lucky number to Chinese people while four is the most unlucky. How seriously do Chinese people take this? Perfect symmetry lends itself to perfect balance.

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The numbers 68and 9 are generally considered to be auspicious, while 4 and 7 are considered inauspicious. It is a number given to winners to indicate the first place. But it can also symbolize loneliness or being single.

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The number 8 is considered lucky in China, and thus the games will supposedly be off to an especially auspicious start. Last year on July 7,weddings were scheduled for that date at triple the usual number, and thousands of people played sevens in the lotteries. In Florida, for example, 30, people chose the lucky number sevens for the Cash 3 game and the Play 4 game all were losers.

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The ninth day of the ninth month, "jiu, jiu" in Chinese, is a homonym for another word, "jiujiu", meaning "for a very long time", thus making the date a lucky day to get married. The fact that another nine, or "jiu", is added for has only compounded the auspiciousness of the date. As of late Tuesday, 3, couples had made online bookings to marry in three Beijing districts, while nearly 5, couples had made advanced bookings in Shanghai, said the China News Service.

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The lucky number eight means wealth and prosperity to Asians who observe Chinese numerology. So when the Chinese government was scheduling the start of the Olympics, they chose the most auspicious time of all: at p. On Friday,seven couples will be getting married at this spot in Palos Verdes, Calif.

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If you are in a skyscraper in Manhattan, don't bother looking for the 13th floor, and if you want to get a new phone number in Beijing, be prepared to pay extra if it has the numeral eight in it. For all the differences Chinese culture and American culture have, they do share a love of lucky numbers and other superstitious beliefs. Sam Vaknin, author of The Science of Superstitions.

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Brides like the wedding date because, turned on its side, 8 forms the symbol for infinity. Grooms just like an anniversary date they can actually remember. She was doubling down on staff to handle the crush, and implementing a system of express lines based on pioneering work by the Zen masters of crowd control at Disneyland.


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