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This result is consistent with our hypotheses regarding the unique, historically-rooted stereotypes about Black American women related to single motherhood and public assistance and related to the welfare queen archetype. Thus, stereotypes have important consequences in many realms of life. She will smoke cigarettes while she is pregnant. Reprints and permission: sagepub. Incorporating intersectionality into psychology: An opportunity to promote social justice and equity. Words of fire: An anthology of African American feminist thought.

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When the target was pregnant, participants rated the Black target as more likely to have been pregnant before than the White target.

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In this tightly controlled experimental context in which participants were asked to make assumptions about a target woman, participants may have been drawing on their understanding of social and economic realities e. Although our focus is specifically on stereotypes of Black women, we chose to compare perceptions of a Black female target to a White female target to verify that these stereotypes are indeed unique to Black women and not applied to women more broadly. Racial differences in birth outcomes: The role of general, pregnancy, and racism stress. Gendered racism, psychological distress, and coping styles of African American women.

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