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During this stage, exhibitionism will become more overt, corresponding with a growing interest in the opposite gender. Skirt-raising behavior typically starts early, as the child transitions from diapers to underwear and prior to an understanding of the relationship between clothing and modesty. Displaying the panties for a 'hot bottom' is completely acceptable within an all-female group and offers a number of psychological rewards for the participants. This type of panty flashing often exposes most of the rear of the panties. Stephanie Stewart was caught wearing a thong and was sent home , but not before male students and others saw exactly what was under her skirt.

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girls panty flash

Participants often submit to the penalty for the thrill of doing something considered " naughty ", others for the mild embarrassment the action entails.

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Exhibitionism plays a significant role in all three. By the time a boy or girl enters the first grade, they can easily recognise signs of dominance or passivity in their classmates and will establish a rough pecking order accordingly. As the child advances towards preadolescence, basic notions of sexual display are internalized, leading to the revelation that panty flashing is 'sexy' as well as funny.

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