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I believe that it must be some sort of instinctual behavior to belittle and devalue each other to create less competition in sexual selection. You have heard, and will hear, lots of tasteless humor. Should I even be worrying about this at all? Not a single guy I've been with has given a damn about it. It's a subreddit dedicated to helping people accept their bodies as they are.

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Surgery has huge risks and can permanently damage an area that is capable of making you feel lots of pleasure..

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Serenity. Age: 26.
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Roast Beef Curtains

Other men have the opposite preference so don't fret. Vagina come pardon the pun in sooo many shapes and sizes! Inny's or "clams" shaped ones do nothing for me. I considered labiaplasty at one point but then I was like "pssshhh".

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