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Teenagers who have autism may masturbate compulsively or in the view of others. For example, teens with FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder sometimes touch themselves sexually in public or do other inappropriate activities due to the disorder. In general, you do not need to worry about teenage masturbation. How to Raise a Happy, Healthy Teenager. And talk to your pediatrician to get advice and professional attention for your child. If you are the parent of a teenager, you may or may not know whether he or she is masturbating.

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Physical injury: An object used for masturbation can become stuck during vaginal or anal stimulation.

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What Parents Should Know About Teen Masturbation

If you notice these behaviors, be sure to give your teen a chance to open up to you and to know that you are on his or her side. Physical pain : Sometimes an area being stimulated can become sore, and an over-the-counter lubricant can help with that issue. As a parent, you have your own communication style, and you should be yourself. If your teenager has these behaviors, you need to seek advice from a doctor.

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