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Let's face it, this is precisely what Hollywood would love to do with every female action heroine. For me better than part 1 but almost no real red stuff in it or exaggerated gore used in HK3 flicks. I also cannot underestimate how annoying the whole "blood spatter on the camera" gets in this movie. Unless you have a thing for disjointed, annoying, and useless Japanese cinema which is totally possible. I am a b-movie lover and a japan trash-splatter fan

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Karlee. Age: 26.
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The 'blood on the lens' effect is way over used.

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Valerie. Age: 32.
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It's all a bit more sexier, and it starts even with nudity, there are more close-ups of the bikini's but that I don't mind. It is difficult to put much credence in such characters, and those two characters dominate the film. I don't know, but the Onechanbara sequel figured it out.

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