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She beat the tar out of Rousey once and has unfinished business with her, and most of her promos regardless of feuds have kept Lynch as a central theme. Rousey can remain in her purgatory of sorts, winning matches but avoiding damage in the promo department. Sting, Ronda Rousey in WrestleMania 36? Maybe she gets in the ring with Stephanie McMahon. Had the match unfolded, this slot might have been Flair's either way. Becky Lynch is WWE's hottest commodity and had the possible main event of the entire show scheduled against Ronda Rousey.

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Given the year she's had and the speculation Rousey could end up leaving sooner rather than later, the fan-backed Lynch seemed like the perfect person to not only take the belt and headline the division but be heavily featured in the first-ever women's main event at the promotion's premier PPV.

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WWE Hot Take: Vince McMahon Suspending Becky Lynch Was Actually the Perfect Move

Even better, maybe she has a physical confrontation with Vince McMahon himself, not unlike AJ Styles a few weeks back, and gets him to rescind his decision to remove her from the main event. Maybe she gets in the ring with Stephanie McMahon. The former is one of the best, and the latter—given ample time to prepare, which she has here—has put on great performance after great performance.

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