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A year later, Susannah is pregnant and Callow's approval rating has improved. However, a member of the video crew recognizes Senseless and tweets about it. During the casting process, Annabel Jones was keen to avoid comedy actors so that a comedic tone could be avoided. This led to some viewers expecting a political thriller. Director Otto Bathurst comments that "We got our first choice for every single role". He reports that in the first take, Bathurst did not call "cut", and instead let Kinnear carry on getting closer to the pig, putting his hand on the pig's back, until Kinnear refused to go further.

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Brooker notes that other animals similar to a pig were considered for the sex act that Callow is forced to perform. It comes across as being anti- Twitter but also serves as a cautionary tale about the power of the collective 'hive mind' that is social media. Having understood what this meant, the kidnapper sends a severed finger, ostensibly Princess Susannah's, to a UK news station.

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