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With a dumbbell in each hand, standing upright with your core tensed and your shoulders up back and down, step backwards with one leg, lowering your knee to the ground. Start with bodyweight if you've never done lunges before and gradually build yourself up to 12kgs or 14kgs. These can be done at speed in quick succession - aim for 20 per set, 3 sets. Then, slowly lower them down so that your elbows and upper arms end up at shoulder height and parallel with the floor. You want to keep your shins vertical as much as you can and bend from your knees lowering your butt to the ground as low as you can. Lie flat on an exercise matt, with your feet up on a swiss ball. Then do a bit of a 'Bend and Snap' a la Elle Woods, quickly back to standing, using the power of a glute-clench to bring you back up.

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Essentially you're moving from a letter A shape, bringing your arms down and then back to an A.

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Can low impact cardio burn fat? Then drive back up through your heels and make sure your knees don't slope inwards, which they'll want to do as you get tired. Always ask a PT for guidance if you're trying something for the first time. Then with your weight in the ball of your grounded foot, bring your bum up and lower it back down.

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