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Take a look at this fight, where Alessio Sakar takes an instep kick to the groin from Ron Faircloth, and manages to land one more punch before going down like a tree. Personally, I feel that anyone who would stick a gun in a woman's mouth deserves to have his balls kicked, viciously and repeatedly. Here, for instance, is a six-minute, second video of a guy getting kicked in the balls. But it would be a great thing to happen in countering an assault. The really bad genital injuries—avulsions and amputations and de-gloving don't Google that unless you have a strong stomach are usually caused by machinery, not by people defending themselves. I'd rather be an active participant in that decision-making process. They may also throw up or pass out.

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There's also Thiago Silva, who was cut, then reinstated, then cut again by the UFC after allegedly sticking a gun in his wife's mouth.

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A direct hit there is every bit as devastating as the MMA rules would lead you to believe. In most cases, the guy whose balls have been kicked reacts pretty much the same: A look of disbelief sometimes there is a poignant moment of eye contact with their opponent, as if they are saying, "Dude, how could you? Josh Grispi gave his wife a broken wrist and a concussion , and had his pit bull attack her.

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