Speedos for teens

speedos for teens
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It's ok - they're both 23 now. Should I put my foot down, or should I let them both be stared at? If they feel uncomfortable, they can change or put on a cover-up. They both tell me "hey, mom, everyone does it overthere! Make sure she takes off the top like the other fems in France, and most of Europe. Nothing wrong with it, but because they are both a bit "large" for their age I am concerned about the attention they will get on the beach in France.

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Christine. Age: 26.
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Can we still have a "family" vacation on the Riviera?

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Clara. Age: 25.
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Speedos/String Bikinis for Teens?

Sorry SoccerMom, the only reason why your daughter will be eyeballed is that she is wearing too much. After registering, I can manage my newsletter subscriptions by visiting my Profile Settings page. Is the bathing suit going to be the only piece of clothing each child takes to France, and they and you will have no money to buy something else while there? Can we still have a "family" vacation on the Riviera?

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