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The classified ads all imply cash exchanges, but never directly say it. The circumcision was done crudely and only with local anesthesia. All but one of the sellers Moniruzzaman interviewed were Muslim, and in Islam there is a strict taboo against body mutilation. For obvious reasons, hard data on the trade is difficult to come by, and it often takes investigative fieldwork like Moniruzzaman's to uncover how organs move through the underground market. After the surgery, feelings of remorse and shame would set in. The recipients are thankful for their kidney sellers, but don't quite empathize with their situation, cutting emotional ties after the payment.

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On the left translation : Kidney Wanted -- A kidney is needed for a seriously ill patient.

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Living Cadavers: How the Poor Are Tricked Into Selling Their Organs

After the surgery, feelings of remorse and shame would set in. Curious about the existence of an organ trade network in his native Bangladesh, Moniruzzaman began contacting friends and journalists while working on his masters degree in the early s. But the real picture is grim. For one, Moniruzzaman suggests there needs to be a more extensive cadaver-donation program.

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