Full fashion stockings photos

full fashion stockings photos
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Now stand up and smooth the stockings all the way up to your thigh. Different brands will still fit differently, so trial and error is often the only method of determining the best fit. So accuracy is very important. Gently slide them up and continue up until you reach your knee. If the girth of your leg is greater than the welt circumference, you will lose about one inch of length for every extra inch of difference between the girth and the welt. So, with your foot flat on the floor measure in inches from the top of your toe to the rear of the heel. Obviously the taller you are, the longer your stocking needs to be in order to get to the middle or upper part of your thigh.

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The first thing you need to remember is that these stockings are non stretch and you need to buy them according to both foot size and length.

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72 Full Fashion Stockings stock pictures and images

A characteristic of most vintage hosiery is the shapely leg or bulge from the calf to upper thigh of the leg. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. So accuracy is very important. Always start with the back, using the keyhole and an indication of where you should attach the clip in order to keep the seam straight.

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