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In many nations, being solo might not seem so surprising. A former customer herself, she thinks "the world is changing" Credit: Shiho Fukada and Keith Bedford. Meanwhile Go Yamaguchi, a customer at 1Kara, says that when he does karaoke with his friends he has to wait for his turn. Matsushita says that along with the rise of social media — the way friend numbers or likes can dictate your value — this led to stifling peer pressure that stigmatised being seen alone. But Matsushita believes this is changing, saying negative social pressures around being alone have reduced.

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Usually enjoyed in private rooms for groups, single-person karaoke has grown in popularity Credit: Shiho Fukada and Keith Bedford.

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From dining to nightlife to travel, new options catering specifically to individuals have popped up in recent years. So the ohitorisama movement represents a major shift. At 1Kara in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighbourhood, customers sing alone in a phone booth-sized space with headphones and a microphone Credit: Shiho Fukada and Keith Bedford.

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