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You will also get the ability to vote on what an upcoming artwork or character will be. Show your support and you will receive early access to upcoming artwork a week before it gets released publicly. Where I come up with the concept, characters and story, then commission other great artists to bring that idea to life such as Rabies T Lagomorph, etc. Includes View status updates. Includes View status updates Higher quality content Vote on polls. A huge thank you for your support!

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Kristen. Age: 22.
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How you can help support me Any contribution to my Patreon is really helpful.

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Marleigh. Age: 20.
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Even if you can't contribute financially I will still be producing new work regardless, but it will be at a much slower and inconsistent pace while having a limited scope of content. I greatly appreciate all the amazing support I get from everyone. Finally, I am aiming to collaborate with incredible artists out there in order to bring my ideas, stories and characters to life. About me I publish erotic art for people to enjoy on the internet.

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