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On September 27, , Spike cancelled the series. At the mall, Alex is disturbed to find Jay is also trapped there. Chris Scott of The Observer described it as "relentlessly bleak, mean, and downright sadistic at nearly every turn", linking this with the falling ratings over the series' course. Retrieved February 25, Kyle kills Kimi when she protests their expulsion. He learns from Adrian that the mall survivors plan to exile Alex into the mist because they believe she had killed Shelley, and leaves with Mia to save her. Adrian finds that his mother is dead, and gets into an argument with his father.

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During his breakdown he knocks Kevin out and escapes, letting the mist into the house.

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Reed Birney

The mall group finds dog tags on the bodies of Clint's friends. Kevin intervenes and is quickly overpowered by the survivors and is forced out of the mall along with Alex, Eve and Mia. The group spots a train and follows it to the nearest station, but is shocked when it discovers armed men offering civilians up to the mist. Firestarter Rekindled

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