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Those of us who got picked on seriously doubting that some of the folks who claim to be nerds ever had it that bad. There is no reason to be a stanky smelly stereotype. I dealer even gave me a free bootleg videotape. Ah, but the complications of boys and girls and girls and boys never end, do they? There is no contraindication in any of that. A great piece to be sure, thank you for highlighting the issue in a respectful and intelligent way. Rosario Dawson went to comic book conventions long before she had a comic to promote, so she gets a pass in my book.

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But at the same time, as we can see from that FlickCast editorial, they also seem to be somewhat terrified of these attractive women who espouse an interest in what they consider their domain.

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Because you get to be everything. I get the worst looks in Barnes and Noble when I just want to pic up the newest compilation of Batman and Robin. And then click the links in those links.

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