How do you pee standing up

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Photo: Stand Up. Public peeing for people with penises is generally no big deal. Jeeeez thanks a lot, anatomy!

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Tiffani W. Women sit down to pee. Women are sissy bitches.

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For the last few years I now find it much more comfortable and better for me when I pee sitting down. Anyway I digress. Okay, that is the most obvious benefit, but a huge benefit for all concerned.

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For all parents, successful potty training is about keeping cool while teaching kids to recognize urgency, control their muscles, and make decisions about when to go to the toilet. Also, patience and gag-reflex suppression. But parents potty training boys face a unique issue: Unlike potty training girlsboys have the ability to aim.

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Photo via Flickr user digitonin. The relevant case was a minor property dispute about whether a landlord should be able to keep his renter's security deposit over piss stains on his marble bathroom floor. But the fact that the landlord appeared to view his tenant's standing urination as a barbaric habit, and the fact that the judge referred to the now-protected position as a formerly dominant custom was telling.

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I have a weird question. How many guys here pee standing up in a toilet bowl not male urinal pots? My girlfriend and I recently moved in together.

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Photo by Chad Skelton. The bistro says the stickers are a joke. When I went to use the facilities, I was surprised to see just one unisex bathroom with about six private stalls and a communal sink area. Even more surprising, though, was the sign above the toilet, showing a stick man tinkling into a toilet with a line through it.

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Potty training your toddler will obviously be a daunting task. When you begin to potty train your boy, you will start worrying about training him to pee standing up. However, the best way to go about it is to let him associate the idea of peeing and pooping in the same way first- that is sitting down.

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Q: Should men sit down when they pee? What if they are visiting someone else's home? A man's decision to urinate standing up or sitting down would be made based on how he was brought up, his culture and his personal preference. There are no hard and fast etiquette rules on the subject.


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