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Suzanne Somers does not look like your typical year-old. Bright-eyed, flirty and svelte, the septuagenarian TV star exudes a surprising youthfulness. And according to two of her bestselling booksothers can achieve similar results with something called bioidentical hormone therapy BHT.

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Sometime after her 43rd birthday, Dawn Foley noticed she was beginning to look her age. A former beauty queen turned sales professional in Los Angeles, the blue-eyed brunette is used to turning heads. Your skin starts to sag.

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She annoys me because, despite the fact that her statements and activities over the last 25 years reveal her to be probably no more intelligent than the character that she played on Three's Companyshe still feels the need to spread misinformation about diet and medicine in several books that she has written. Indeed, my annoyance at her was manifested very early in the history of this blog, when I mentioned her in the context of testimonials for alternative medicine treatments for breast cancer. The reason?

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Dog is to horse as Churchill is to Lenin—oh, whatever. Left uncorrected, though, was the mountain of misinformation and half-truths on which Ms. Somers has built her post-show-business career as a health guru.

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Things are going great for Suzanne Somers. She has a new book out, sure to be a best-seller, as it has been promoted on countless morning talk shows. At 67, she looks great and feels great, she has said during TV appearances.

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Suzanne Somers is spending her golden years selling jewelry on television, writing books about dieting, and getting into yelling matches with doctors about hormones on the Larry King Show. Her latest book, Ageless: The Naked TruthAbout Bioidentical Hormones, is a best-selling endorsement of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. Bioidenticals are derived from plants like yams and soybeans and are synthesized to be chemically identical to human hormones.

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Pinkerton tells of a year-old patient whose naturopath put her on an estrogen product and an alternative anti-aging protocol for years. Starting in the s, they could get estrogen HRT and later, estrogen with progesterone, added to protect against uterine cancer. In the intervening years, new interpretations of the WHI data and follow-up research have produced a more nuanced picture of the risks and benefits.

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A study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests long-term use of hormone therapy causes breast cancer. The report is the best evidence to date that the breast cancer drop is indeed due to a decline in hormone use, rather than changing rates of mammograms or other factors, experts said. The good news: The study found that breast cancer risk in women who took hormones dropped back down to normal soon after they quit. The bad news: In the last decade in which it was still widely usedlong-term hormone therapy probably caused breast cancer inwomen, said Dr.

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Why are so many young women in their thirties and forties feeling like PMS is their new normal? She is here to change the way that women experience the decade-plus before menopause. There had to be another way.

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Suzanne Somers looks great. Nothing will make you young again. You will age, unless you die.


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