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Johannesburg — A year-old Ugandan man is fighting for his life following an incident in which his drunk wife cut off his penis after he allegedly denied her sex because of her alcoholic and abusive behaviour. Moses Okot, from Amun Village in Apac district in the north of Uganda, said he had fallen asleep after returning home from hunting when a sudden pain woke him up. After waking up he found his pants wet with blood and his penis cut off, the Daily Monitor reported on Thursday.

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Top definition. I fucked her so hard she got dick drunk and she fell onto the couch trying to walk to the bathroom. After having too multiple orgasms, female experiences the same effects of being heavily drunk; can't feel your legs, can't walk straight, not thinking straight.

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The thoughts that run through my brain after I spend time with Gent vacillate so highly as to be comical. Therefore I present this blog now eight days later with more clarity and after another good encounter. So please, read Detoxed next, and hopefully rest assured of my sober outlook and understanding of my friendship with Gent.

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Photo by Chris Bethell. That bit on your CV where you talk about your "excellent communication skills"? Bartenders — even more than your boss — know that bit is rubbish. There are a few basic bits of information you need to communicate with the person serving you: what drink you would like, how many of those drinks you want and in what measure.

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Joined: Dec 17, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 1, Ok, let me preface this by saying I am not trying to brag or boast or anything. I have an average sized penis and I am still learning how to use it even after 9 months of a relationship.

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Sign in. Watch now. Rob and Laura lure a hunky hypnotist pal over to dinner as single bait for the ever-desperate Sally, along with Buddy and the Helpers.

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A man has appeared in court after he whipped down his trousers, jumped on a McDonald's and started to 'helicopter' his penis, while 'heavily fuelled by alcohol', obviously. Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that at around 5am on 22 July this year, year-old Ryan Dolan from Musselburgh popped into the South St Andrew's Street branch of the fast-food chain, where he started by pretending to serve customers before pulling his trousers down and doing the weird dance while shocked customers and staff looked on. Nicole Lavelle, fiscal depute, told the court : " Out of the blue he took his trousers and pants off, showing his penis and testicles and thereafter was dancing with his trousers down".

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Tan Nan, 44, from China is "recovering and doing well" after medics managed to reattach his manhood in a case that has baffled police. When he woke up the following morning he felt a sharp pain in his nether regions and looked down and found that his genitals had been cut off. According to the Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, the year-old from Huaihua, Hunan, was bleeding profusely at the time.

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I am allergic to alcohol. Well, more like severely intolerant, but the effect is the same: I break out in hives, my throat starts to close, and breathing becomes an issue—so, pretty much allergic. Due to my condition I have on countless occasions been the only sober person in the entire, bar, house, street, boat, truck bed, swimming pool, etc.

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I am spending today quietly agahst at my behaviour Saturday at a work wedding I went too. Highlights include me doing the splits twice and showing everyone my chuff, slut dropping with the the fm and throwing up tequila on the dancefloor. I skulk around weddings forums drinking wine and dispensing bad advice.