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As girls, we learn that our bodies are about pleasing other people — boys and men. As human beings, we are born into bodies that we did not choose. Not only do we need to see ourselves represented in the world, we must be the ones making these images. Boys learn to explore their bodies as a rite of passage. I began a Girl Empowerment Group there after meeting a group of girls who voiced a need for a space to be black girls; a space to talk about their lives at school and home. Black feminine lens is a term I often use as it relates to who I am, the very body that I was born into.

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Rayna. Age: 30.
black women vagina pictures

I say make the images first and investigate what they mean later.

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Armani. Age: 32.
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13 Emotional Pictures From The Perspective Of Young Black Women

I believe that the most powerful images make you want to look longer, they make you feel something; they nag you. These images are a direct reflection of my lived experience as a woman of African descent and work to complicate the notion of what it means to be a girl, adolescent, woman, and mother — and the fine lines that exist between. I didn't consider that so many people would feel connected to these images and see themselves reflected.

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