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One is found on a comet , and it multiplies once Jimmy brings it back to Earth. Britney usually appears as a background character but occasionally hangs around with Cindy and Libby. She wears a pink and white shirt with her stomach exposed, a pink jacket, pink pants, and light brown shoes. Professor Finbarr Calamitous was once a brilliant boy who could never finish anything, not even a sentence. Jimmy Neutron's father and Judy's husband, Hugh Neutron is portrayed as a clueless, dimwitted, but good-natured, and fatherly person who frequently offers advice to Jimmy.

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Libby Folfax is Cindy's sassy, wealthy close friend for whom Sheen has been shown to possess an infatuation.

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Gracelynn. Age: 21.
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Libby later became Sheen's girlfriend, much to his glee. An odd sailor who knows about a monster that Jimmy is trying to reveal to be false. During production, Calamitous made several failed attempts to kill the children.

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