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She markets herself as a victim. In a photo snapped by officials on the scene, Marcus, dressed in shorts and a Seahawks jersey, is bleeding from his right eye and giving a thumbs-up. How do we make that happen? In , Teresa's husband, Jeffrey, was arrested and convicted of "reckless endangerment" for firing a. While all parties agree that Solo's nephew beat her over the head with a broomstick at some point, and that he drew a gun, that is where the stories diverge. The actual realities remain known only to them. It was their first night together since her own domestic violence charges had been dropped.

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Josephine. Age: 26.
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Solo still struggles with being reflexively defensive.

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Kaelyn. Age: 22.
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A Troubled Star's Softer Side: At Home with Hope Solo

And then Solo says something that should surprise no one: "I didn't know at what point it crossed the line. And would winning that elusive World Cup help ease her transition away from the sport? Today, Solo and Marcus no longer speak, a choice that fills her with sorrow because, malignant as their relationship was, the two of them survived the same history, acted as each other's mirror when the world reflected only darkness.

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